Easter Sunday 2012

Okay, blogger apparently has updated since my last post, so hopefully this will make sense. They also upload pictures differently, so these are totally all out of order, but they are all from Easter Sunday.
 There is a sweet grandma down the street from us that always decorates her yard for the holidays. My boys LOVE to go down there (witch's house anyone) and Easter we went down and got some pictures by the Easter bunnies...ro attempted. Liam liked pushing the bunnies more than smiling.
 Again, trying to get a 1 and 3-year-old to smile at the same time?
 And look at the camera?
 I think I have decided this is impossible. But, check out how big Collin's shoes and feet look at this angle? Love this smile of Collin's :) He was SO excited for candy. That kid could live on treats.
 We had a little mini hunt that morning in our basement. Liam had certain eggs, and Collin had others.
 We have actually been hiding eggs for several weeks now, but none of the eggs had CANDY before!
 It was so much fun to watch them walk around picking up eggs.
 And the Easter bunny brought them some fun little things as well.

 Collin LOVES hiding and finding eggs. Besides being a forest ranger, maybe he will be a detective or something.

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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