Trip to Colorado

 The weekend of Mothers Day we made a trip to Colorado to attend Ryan's grandpa's funeral. Though it was sad for the funeral, we got to see all of our O'Berry cousins and Grandpa O'Berry. We stayed in a hotel and went swimming the first night. Liam LOVES to swim...
 And a lot of what Collin talked about on the LONG ride there was how he would get to go swimming. He was SO excited....though we spent most of our time in the "hot" pool. 
 After the funeral, everyone went to Golden Corral..... I have great memories with Great Grandpa O'Berry there. Collin discovered the dessert bar with Audrey.
 He discovered chocolate covered marshmallows and cotton candy. He was in HEAVEN!
 Grant put away "two" meals. He was fun to sit by!
 Liam just had fun mostly watching people.
 A picture of the O'Berry boys. I can't BELIEVE how good of smiles Collin did in these pictures.

 All the boy grandsons with Grandpa O'Berry...
 Remember I said no silly faces from Collin....oops!

 Now, the best part about pictures for the boys (there are quite a few boy cousins) was playing in the dirt and running down trails.

 Collin LOVED running down the trail with his cousins and playing with sticks.
 Liam loves Grant :)

 I could stay out here forever Mom!
 All of Ryan's siblings and their dad. Everyone was able to come and all their kids. It was SO fun!
 Audrey was so nice to Collin all the time. This was back at Grandpa O'Berry's. I can't remember what they were doing, but he was laughing hard!

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