Dying the eggs for Easter

We dyed eggs this year. Collin got a HUGE excitement out of it. He loved seeing the eggs turn colors. He especially liked when we colored the "magic" crayon on the eggs.
Liam, he pretty much just wanted to make a mess, so he didn't get to dye too many :)
Not sure why we love putting dyed eggs over our head.
Punching out the little circles is a fun thing to do for 3-year-olds.
Of course, Collin had 2 Cougar blue eggs. He is a true blue boy.

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Krista said...

Holy cow I've missed a lot of your posts. Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun. Kambria loved setting a leprechaun trap last year. (We missed it this year since were in the process of getting ready to move. It was sad.)