Fire Station

Recently, our family went and toured the fire station that is "on the way to Miss Emily's." Every time I take Collin to preschool, we pass this fire station and always look to see if any of the doors are open.
 Collin got a big kick out of sitting in the fire truck. He even wore his fire station rain coat. He did NOT want the sound on, only the lights.
 Here is the very nice firefighter showing all of the buttons. Collin asked a lot of questions.
 Liam....well, he didn't ask any questions.
 Mostly Liam ran around checking out all the short level parts of the fire trucks.
 It was so interesting to hear all that the firefighters respond to in a given day.
 They go out on 6-8 calls a day usually, but most are medical. They live at the fire station for 48 hours and then they have 3 days off.
Yeah for fire station tours!

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