Bear World

 Over my birthday weekend, we went up to Idaho to go to Bear World and also to celebrate Sadee and I's birthdays, which are a day apart. Collin and Liam LOVED Bear World.
 The baby bears were out and they are so cute. The worker that was holding these, they were making the cutest little nuzzling sounds.

 And they so reminded me of my boys when they ran around and wrestled.
 Get a load of this peacock. One of only two times I have seen it with full feathers out. It was awesome. Too bad no one was noticing of the peacocks :)
 They also have a petting zoo.
 The goat was a big hit.
 But the favorite part were the rides. It's actually quite a steal, you get to see tons of bears, go to a petting zoo, see baby bears, and then go to a carnival basically!
 Collin OF COURSE loved the train.
 I'm not sure Sadee really did :)
 They had a mini roller coaster.
 These cars were also a big hit. Collin thought it was so cool he didn't have to go with an adult. They just ran around to the rides.
 Liam got to ride the train with mommy and daddy a few times.
 He also LOVED the train and was so sad when he had to get off.
 Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us to Bear World. It was so fun!

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