October 2014 photos

 A new years resolution of mine is to keep up on this blog better, even if just for journaling for my kids....so working through October 2014 photos still. Lookat how warm October was :) Yes, Collin went to school in that outfit above. Those rain boots were quite popular for quite some time.
 Mueler the Mummy appeared again, but to a lesser degree. We made gooey goblin cake pops. Big hit with the boys.
 Ninja anyone?
 Evelyn went to her first storytime at the library. Oh she is little here. That as like two months ago. Sigh.
 Ninjas come to Shopko sometimes without shoes, but "ninja" shoes if you notice.
 Mueler let us walk to the bakery and get a treat. The boys both got massive Halloween cupcakes.
 Looking all Halloweeny in orange shirts.

 Sleepy baby.
 One afternoon yarn was a big tool for building a spider web. Yes, it was a good hour of entertainment.

 I can't remember now what this was for exactly, but Collin was pretending to be something of course, and he thought it was so funny.
 Collin's pumpkin he drew.

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