Christmas Eve 2014

 These pictures are out of order, and trying to get five people to smile and look at the camera at once is historically never going to happen in our family :)
 The big party was at Grandma and Grandpa's this year. And apparently, the boys wear pajamas after awhile to the big party. Oh this is so our life.

 I had about a zillion outtakes of Evelyn in her Christmas outfit. The hat didn't quite fit due to big head syndrome (though she doesn't have it as bad as her brothers).

 Same thing with three kiddos. Zillion outtakes for all three good smiles.

 Liam loved petting Collin and Brianne's little dog Cougar.

 The elves brought the boys LEGOS!
Evelyn got a fun washing bathtub toy. You can tell she was super excited as well :)

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