More October 2014 photos

 We went as a family to the zoo in October. The boys finally got to ride the train (it has been under construction ever since we have been going), and it was SO exciting! Evelyn slept :)

 They had all these really cool Halloween decorations around the zoo, which was new. The boys especially loved the vampires.

 Mueler said we could get cotton candy as a treat. WAHOO!

 Evelyn started really watching "her mobile friends" as I call them.

 The boys kidnapped Evelyn one day.
 We raked a lot of leaves.

 Collin and his friend Abbie.
 One afternoon a big tree across the street got removed. Liam and Evelyn were watching it for quite some time.

 Kowabunga jumping in the leaves.
 Evelyn LOVED to be outside and watch the leaves come off the trees. She would get so excited seeing the leaves blow in the trees.
 Reading books.
Fighting pumpkins.

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Such a nice photos.