Nativity scenes

 My cousin told us about this stake in her neighborhood that was doing a bunch of nativity scenes so even though Ryan was working, we headed over. I LOVE nativity scenes, but this was truly amazing.
 The pictures don't do it justice but they had like 350 nativity scenes from all over the world. I couldn't study them as much I wanted since it was me against three kids, but it was really amazing.
 This was a huge life sized one on the stage.

 Then they had a huge table in the middle that replicated Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

 Whoever did this really spent a lot of time on it. They also had a dress up room which the boys LOVED.... here Collin is being a wise man.
 Liam loved to be the sheep.

 Liam was also a reindeer.

 And a coloring page room.
And they also had hot chocolate and cookies and a movie room. It was really fun!

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