Indoor picnic and camping with Daddy

 We try and have a picnic at least once a week at our house for lunch. This day, Collin chose to have one indoors..... not sure why.
 For some reason, eating on a blanket, is SO cool to my kids :)
 Over Father's Day weekend, Collin got to go on the father/son campout. He was SOOO excited for it. We talked about it for weeks beforehand.
 Granted, I wasn't there, so I'm guesstimating what these pictures are of.... the cookout, where Collin actually ate.
 Running around in big fields is always fun.

 There were some groundhogs that were a big deal.

 This guy with the remote control car was VERY cool.
 Roasting marshmallows is the biggest hit for Collin.

 Can you tell he is a fan?
 He had SO much fun!

 Father's Day Sunday we went over to the Barnhisels. I made the Oreo chocolate cream cake above for dessert.
Hope you had a nice Father's Day weekend Daddy!

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