Kennecott Copper Mine visit, plus oatmeal and pizza

 This past week, Collin and I made  'felt pizza" game, where he can take orders on the menu of what people want on their pizza. I made it (thanks pinterest!) to help him with number recognition and counting. We have our niecves orders, plus pictures of people in magazines on it. Don't you love the clothes he chose for himself? They are so matching.....
 Liam LOVES oatmeal. Like LOVES it. He loves to get it more on and around him then in his mouth sometimes, but seriously.... too funny. Usually it requires a bath on oatmeal days.
 Yesterday, we had a family outing to the Kennecott Copper Mine. Collin was telling us he did NOT want to go, but I knew he would love it. Hello my boys and machines? What's not to love?
 It was QUITE windy and cold outside looking at the mine, which was unfortunate, because I didn't bring jackets or anything. We spent most of the time inside the museum, which has little models of the mine. I wish we could have read more about the actual mine itself, but with little toddlers, that doesn't happen as much.
 Collin did NOT want to smile in this picture, can you tell?
 In front of part of the machine display. Collin wanted to take them all home.
 This is a replica of one of the tires on the huge dumpster. They cost 20,000 dollars and last 9 months. HOLY COW!
 Getting both boys to smile at the same time? Impossible.
Outside the mine with daddy. It was a very fun visit. Next time we hope it's not as windy and more warm!

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