Day 1 Idaho-blow up soap and edible play dough

 The boys and I went up to Idaho this week to help babysit Sadee and Ava while my parents went on a MUCH needed, long overdue vacation. They had made a list of projects they wanted to do (thanks Pinterest!) from the last time we were together, and we did a lot. The first day we blew up soap in the microwave.
 This was really fun to see, though hard to see through the microwave door. It had fallen quite a bit by this time, but it was fun to look at.
 I loved how we got to talk while learning. What texture is it? How does it feel?
 Collin's favorite part was smashing it up.
 Then we made homemade little soap bars with the new soap....with Easter cutouts.
 The edible peanut butter playdough wasn't quite the big hit eating it as playing with it.
 Everyone wanted to just play with it, but everyone was scared to eat it :)
Sadee was a fan of the chocolate chips :)

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