Day 2 Idaho school lunch, park, painting rocks, pizza, and castle

 Collin was SO excited to go and eat lunch at the "siren school" from when he went there LAST summer. We went almost every day we were there. It was much more "exotic" food to me than lunch in the park here, but it was super fun.

 Most days we stayed after for awhile to play on the playground. Collin finally got brave to cross this bridge.
 The first day he did it I had to take a LOT of pictures. "MOM! Look at me! MOM! Look at me! MOM!....you get the picture.

 We also painted rocks that day.

 And we brought Collin's pizza felt game and it was a big hit. A bigger hit was spilling the pizza all over the floor when the waiter was too much in a hurry!
 Several nights we went to Auntie Kari's to play and eat dinner. This castle they moved into the basement.
 My kids LOVED it....
 And after baths one night (yes that is footie pjs in the middle of the summer because my parent's basement is ARCTIC!) but we watched Wipeout for a few minutes. Liam laughed his head off. He loved climbing on this little ottoman.
And of course he loved wearing no clothes..... that wasn't so good :)

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