Taylorsville Dayzz

 Our family doesn't get into too many things with Taylorsville Days, but we love to go on the "cheap" ride day at the carnival. It was so much more fun this year because since Collin was a little bigger, he got to go on some of the "bigger" kiddie rides. The train is always a hit with our boys.
 Liam was too little to ride on a lot of things, but he LOVED to see Collin come around corners or watch for him. He has this "oh!" face (just like Collin did when he was Liam's age) that is PRICELESS.... I tried to capture it on camera, but missed it.
 There's Collin!
 Both the boys rode the carosaul. Liam LOVED it and so did Collin.
 We chose a different horse each time.

 It was so fun to ride on so many rides! Even though everyone was hot and sweaty...... understatement there.

 Of course Collin just the blue car to ride in.
 He was fast becoming good buddies with this boy on the car.
 I thought for sure Liam was going to topple over this fence to see the train.
 This duck ride had the most annoying loud sound....anyone remember?
 Here was the up and down ride. Too bad Collin realized this was his favorite ride on the last ticket!
Finally! The "oh!" face in action!

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Krista said...

How fun! Your boys are getting so big! It will be fun to get together soon.