Day 4 Idaho visiting the library!

 A big hit is visiting the library on Fridays.... where you get to ride a golf cart since they have the main entrance under construction. My boys love the library anyways, but getting to ride a golf cart there?
 Yeah, my boys could have ridden it all day long back and forth.
 This picture doesn't do justice but Liam LOVED it.... he was smiling every second, minus of course the picture shot.

 Also inside the library is a fish pond. Oh my goodness, my boys loved this. We saw a "grandpa" fish, and some fat fish, small fish, etc.
 Liam of course, just wanted to go and swim with the fish. I swear this kid is going to live in water someday.

 He LOVED the fish pond. He could have stayed there all day, and in fact kept running out of the children's room out to the fish pond.
 In the actual children's room, it was huge! They had a huge stuffed dog that was also a hit.
We stayed and read some stories and played with the dog....
All in all it was a FUN busy trip to Idaho!


'T' said...

Such cuties! My little man loves a golf cart ride, I should take him to the IF Library :)

Krista said...

You are such a fun mom and aunt! I bet Sadee and Ava loved having you there entertaining them!