Okay, I'm not sure WHAT is with not putting the pictures the right way. But hey, I think spring may finally be coming around the corner. This last week, Collin and I have spent a LOT of time outside. This last weekend, we got to try out sandals. And luckily, Collin's hat from last year, still fits his big head :) Daddy and Collin putting food in the bird feeder.
Collin REALLY likes helping do this and loves looking for birds.
Going on a walk... we go about a million times a day. He still is okay going in the stroller sometimes, but mostly he just wants to walk now. We go down to "the circle" about every day. The circle is just the end of our street cul-de-sac, and visit with our friends the McAllisters.... we love them.
Yeah for FINALLY being able to wear t-shirts. It is LONG overdue!

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