Last week's good deals

I have really been slacking on blog posts. Oh well. I am still trying to use this to help me keep track of spending, so here are my deals from last week.... All of this at Rite Aid for 7.43 total, pretty good considering originally it would have been above above 40.00.
My sister-in-law told me about this deal where the pop-tarts were on sale at Fresh Market with an instore coupon and a MC coupon, so I got these for basically 1.50, plus they are the pop-tarts that can add up to a free movie pass. WAHOO! Yeah for free summer movies.
Again, Rite Aid. All of this for 9.20, and I was able to help my mom stock up on air fresheners for her rooms at school....a SMELLY place in the springtime. I was just excited about the kitchen trash bags. I needed some, and they were on B1G1. So, originally this would have cost close to 40.00.
But the best deal last week, free shake at Iceberg. For those who don't know, you can get a free shake on your birthday. You have to show proof, but the shake was HUGE! Granted, I thought it would just be a small sample shake. NO WAY! I put this in the freezer, and I had free ice cream for a few days. WAHOO!

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Tonya said...

I love, love, love iceberg!