Easter eggs and basket

So, the Easter basket brought an early gift to Sadee and Ava. This basket (really, we don't know who this Easter bunny is) was OUT OF CONTROL. The picture doesn't do it justice. Opening the basket was like 2 girls' dream...
Dying eggs we did at least twice. Collin was more content to sit in the back. Sadee and Ava really got into it.
Several of the eggs "had injuries" like back surgery, brain surgery, one eye, etc.
But, I said those eggs we can still dye. It was hilarious all the things they were making up to solve the egg crack problems.
Collin eating yogurt. Not really caring about eggs.
Sadee with her favorite egg.
"Brain surgery" egg with Ava.
Yeah for dyed eggs!


Krista said...

What a fun Easter basket! And what a wonderful aunt you are. I bet Sadee and Ava loved having you there with them.

Beth said...

That's awesome! I love that the secret Easter bunny spoiled your sweet nieces! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!