Weird toys

Okay so Collin's new favorite toy is... the sun protector for my car. You know, the thing that you put up in your car to block out sun while you park it? Yes, my friends, he played with that for almost 20 minutes today...enough for me to get dinner somewhat organized. It makes me wonder what any other person's kids out there like to play with? I could use some new ideas.... and hey, if I can find items around my house, awesome.

The other thing that he was obsessed with today? One of the "sticks" (from our catalpa tree) and poking it in the heater vent. Now, I'm not so sure the heater vent thing is a good idea (which we are working on) but playing with the catalpa sticks? Oh you go Collin, we have those aplenty!


'T' said...

measuring cups were always a hit with my kids.

Jenny said...

Sticks and rocks and dirt seem to be every boys favorites. Empty boxes too!