Last couple weeks couponing

Okay, I have slacked in posting my deals for my own benefit. This was last week's Rite Aid trip. The below picture cost me 2.25, and included diapers and fabric softener. YEAH! Smiths this week had a good deal on oatmeal, which my mom can use lots of, and Collin sometimes likes. We got 15 boxes for basically 7.00, about 40 cents a box. The coupons I don't think are valid anymore, but it was great. The peanut butter my sister-in-law bought coupons on ebay, so I got 12 jars for about 80 cents a jar, plus a free movie ticket! YEAH!
My food from the co-op this last week I will list below.
1 canteloupe/melon
1 pack grape tomatoes
1 blackberries
9 bananas
1 pineapple
11 apples
1 broccoli
2 of 1lb carrots
1 pack mushrooms
1 Romaine lettuce
1 Swiss chard
15 large red potatoes
Now granted, the potatoes weren't WAHOO for me (hello, I'm from Idaho and can get free potatoes from my brother-in-law), but again, overall, great deals on produce. If anyone is interested in the details of where it is, my sister-in-law Shanna (shannasteals.blogspot.com) just did a post about how to order it.
And this morning at Rite Aid, I got the 2 packs of diapers and tampons with coupons and after rebates, a grand total of 3.00 and that includes 1.13 of tax.... so basically 1.00 for a pack of diapers. WAHOO!
Again, I love Rite Aid :) They also have a new wellness card you can have, that basically accrues points. I just accrued my first points this morning.

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