Easter egg hunt

In Idaho Falls, it was FREEZING outside, so they moved the Easter egg hunt Saturday morning inside. We barely found out about it in time, so here is Collin and I inside the fire station. We just watched the bigger kids hunt, I wasn't about to have Collin running around in the little kid area just eating chocolate. HA HA.
Ava waiting to get candy
The onslaught begins. Sadee just stayed in one little spot and got a LOOT!
I mean, this was easier than Halloween. Stay in one spot, 10 minutes later, a HUGE truckload of candy. Man, I wish I was 6 again...
And this was GOOD stuff. Skittles and Snickers. My favorite.
Sadee was pumped.
Ava was also excited in her sweet way.
Collin just wanted to get on the fire truck....so we did after the hunt was over.
Collin liked the fire truck best. He kept saying "truck!" with real enthusiasm.
We also got to meet Sparky, the fire dog. And Sadee and Ava shared their chocolate.

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