Riverton Poop

So, last weekend, some friends of ours had mentioned they were going to get "Riverton poop" for their garden and I was interested. They get it super cheap from the Equestrian Park in Riverton. These friends grew AMAZING corn so I'm always looking for some way to get ours to grow better. Three years and running and if we get more than 4 ears, it's a miracle. I asked my friend if we paid her she could bring us some....Last Saturday afternoon, they brought some and it was warm enough outside, the fam decided to watch Daddy work hard at moving it, smells and all.
Though Collin had to be trapped in his stroller (I did NOT want him playing in the Riverton poop) he quite enjoyed the movement.
We had to borrow a wheelbarrow from our other nice neighbors and Ryan went to work. You can see the "outside working hat" in full gear. He bought that on Cruise 2 on the beaches of Mexico. I thought it would never see the light of day, but ironically, it is a summer staple now.
Collin intently watching his milk, between watching the poop.
We got enough to cover all of our garden area and now it looks all fancy schmancy, despite smelling a bit :)
This made all of us VERY happy....the strawberry patch is starting to green up! YEAH!
Here's to hoping Riverton Poop will bring the O'Berry garden into its full glory! Thanks so much Cyndi and Ryan!

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Jenny said...

Good for you! We will stop at nothing for our good veggies, huh!