Couponey news for March 21st

This week I went to one of the day old bread stores. I'm excited to say I got all this bread, plus some animal crackers Collin ate while in the store for about $4.50. YEAH! I also went and volunteered at the Deseret Pasta Plant. Granted, I don't have a picture, but I got some cheap pasta there as well. Our family eats a lot of pasta. Noodles is the one thing Collin does like sometimes.
Got the above at Wags for free and will make a couple bucks on it after sending in for the Oil of Olay rebate. YOu can still do this this week, use coupons and you can get the smaller lotion for free this week on sale...so two things for free and moneymaker!
Again, love Rite Aid. Got all of the above for basically $3.00. Five candy bars, 2 things of diapers, and 2 fancy hair products and a fancy cleansar. YEAH RiteAid!
Thanks to my dear neighbor Jenny, she told me about this great find that at the Fresh Market up the street, these sausages were on sale for 10/$10, plus there was a coupon, so I got both of these for $1.00 total. Now, I'm looking for a good recipe.
That's all the coupony news this week.

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