Call me Julia Child--or the "weird" cheesecake maker

So, last Sunday, actually this whole past week, I have been wanting cheesecake....but I keep spacing to make it. So last Sunday morning was a little more calmer than normal, so I was determined to make it. Thus, into the pantry I went. Alas, no graham crackers for the crust. I saw Oreos though, and asked Ryan, what do you think about an Oreo crust? Sounds okay he said. Success!
I then went to look for the pudding in the deep places of the pantry....alas, I couldn't find any. My quest for the cheesecake was getting harder. (side note, this always seems to happen to me on Sunday, I decide I want to fix something, and don't have all the stuff, and can't go to the store)....anyways, I went down and frustratingly said to Ryan and Collin, I guess no cheesecake....we don't have the pudding.
But, I KNEW there was pudding in there somewhere. Because I am weird, I looked at my spreadsheet that showed I DID indeed have a pudding somewhere in the pantry...and I so wanted the cheesecake, so I went back into the deep throes of the pantry...and ALAS, no VANILLA pudding, but we did have banana creme. I thought to myself, I wonder if that would even be good? No matter, I went down and asked Ryan, what do you think of making the cheesecake with banana creme pudding? He said, "I guess. But, if the banana pudding doesn't work out, we could dump the cheesecake out and just have the Oreo crust, because you can't go wrong with Oreo crust." But, I also knew we had strawberries from the co-op so maybe we could attempt a banana strawberry cheesecake?
Anyways, now that you know the life story of the cheesecake, we came home and after dinner, broke out the "weird" cheesecake, oreo, banana creme strawberry. I honestly thought it wouldn't even be that good...but, needless to say, Ryan had 4 pieces of it. This is the most dessert I have ever seen him eat. Ever. Like ever. He also ate more dessert than me, also historic. And a half a cheesecake, and a little more was gone that night. Even as I was originally typing this (last Sunday), Ryan is pondering eating another piece....but he said he shouldn't cause it would go straight to his hips.
And the other little less than half, gone by Monday night. Yeah for inventive cooking!

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Jenny said...

I love it! I have a recipe for the filling with sweetened cond. milk and cream cheese and lemon juice. But I probably need your recipe with the pudding, since I don't have that one!