Bread dough

Please tell me someone who reads this blog knows how to make better "pizza" dough than I did this evening. Granted, it was basically a first for me, and granted, I did follow the recipe exactly, but yes, the grilled zucchini and chicken pizza was edible, but the dough?

Let's say it resembled Craters of the Moon more than "baby's skin" (which is what the recipe said it would!)

Anyways, on to my next cooking project :) HA HA


John and Laura said...

I use this recipe all the time and it has always turned out great, even with 100% whole wheat.


I don't add the butter (1-2 sticks?? yikes!). I just spray the pan with Pam and sprinkle a little cornmeal. Email if you have more questions. I've learned a LOT about good and bad bread, so I can help if you want!

Lindsey said...

Confession: I buy the pizza dough mixes for $.50 at Ream's.

Jenny said...

I have an easy, fast recipe. I will call you. (I do not guarantee any baby's skin stuff...)

Tysha said...

sorry this has nothing to do with bread...but I only have your old work email and I was trying to send you an email about flannel boards...so here it is:

Oh, Alisa, you'll be glad it's EASY to make a flannel board - and inexpensive, too!

I bought a large piece of that thick mat board - with styrofoam core...what's it called? at office depot (I think they have it at places like Target too in the school supply/office section). I then bought about a yard of flannel - any local fabric store will have tons of flannel. I got a plain color but you could get a print if you'd like. Then, I just washed and dried the flannel, ironed it out and "wrapped" the foam board (there we go, that's what it's called) I stapled it down on the back. A few staples came out, so I then glue-gunned the fabric down on the back side (no one looks at that side anway). You can buy lots of different colored felt at places like fabric or craft stores - JoAnn, Michael's (why are they always someone's name?)

Good luck and have fun! I have considered making a mini one to bring along to church, and putting felt on the back of some church-pictures (you know, like the mini pictures you can get at the Deseret Bookstore?) to use for family home evening or during sacrament meeting.

hope you are having fun being a SAHM!