He likes peas!

Many of you know Collin is not a huge fan of eating... other than chocolate :)

Last night I attempted to try peas. I had tried them awhile ago and I couldn't remember if he liked them or not. How EXCITING to see a child POUND some peas. Seriously, they were going so fast in his mouth at one time, I was wondering if he was trying to eat a record.
I also was honestly wondering if the reason he likes peas and kinows their name is due to one of his favorite books, What are you so Grumpy About? There is a hilarious page about gravy touching peas and Collin points to all the peas.
But, hey, who cares? This boy actually pounded some food!


Linsi said...

Have you read Little Pea? It's a cute pea book, too. Bryce laughed so hard the first time I read it to him. Cute pictures!

Jenny said...

Go Collin!

O'Berrys said...

YAY for Collin!! Auntie Ryan LOVES peas too!

Kristalyn said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad that Collin likes something good for him. :)