Latest Collin's favorite things

Recently, Collin has been discovering some of his favorite things.... The mouse on the computer...oh yes, he knows how to click and open tabs like the best of us.
Sometimes drinking milk.
Giving you the staredown....again, only sometimes with this one.
Smiling, when he has spiky hair.
When I say "Collin" he runs into this little space in our living room.... thinks he is hiding, little does he know his mommy is on to him.
Playing at Tiny Tim with daddy.
Going to the park. It is now so bad that if I saw the word "park" he has a fit if we don't go. Same with "outside", so I have to start spelling words now.
Last week, we finally got about 50 degrees and we went to said park. Little did I know there would be 3 dogs there, ANOTHER of Collin's FAVORITE things. He literally ran up and down the park chasing after the doggies.
These nice ladies with the dogs were so nice to Collin. They let him pet and play with the dogs.
Yeah, and they also gave him this dog "ball toy" thing...and he was NOT giving that thing up for nothin'. The ladies finally just said we'll come and get it before we go. I think he liked to think of it as his light sabre....or sword.
Watch out world!
Since we are both snotty-nosed lately, we do bubbles inside. Someday, we will get to play outside with the bubbles, I'm sure.
Collin gets SO excited when he pops a bubble.
Granted, I don't have a picture for his favorite favorite thing. "Chalklat", yes chocolate. This kid LOVES chocolate, he knows what it looks like, where it is hidden, and what it is called. Seriously, it's his fave.


Jenny said...

Our kids call swimming an "aquatic experience" and ice cream is "frozen dairy product" both names are left over from the time we couldn't say them for fear of upsetting the happy balance of the home. Spelling works for awhile too, then it all becomes quirky family traditions that make you smile. My fave is the tiny Tim pic. :)

Natalie said...

He has gotten so big and sooo cute Alisa! How have you been? What is your email?