Saturday afternoons

Okay, I just posted about Collin, but had to do it again. I have a whole new appreciation for Saturday afternoons since I have had to go back to work.... they are a true TREASURE for me...Collin and I for an hour or so this afternoon just played and played. I heard a full out belly laugh and got him to try and smile for a camera picture. The Wal-mart Santa was taking pictures for free, but of course Collin just started his wide-eyed solemn stare, totally looking off to the side no where near the camera, so these pictures just made me smile. Picture Santa next to him :)
And Ryan told me earlier this week, Collin held his head up so good for tummy time....so I made him do it twice today, since the first time he just laid there...but here he is working so hard with his muscles to lift up...I'm right in front of him, pushing him on...
Yeah...he looks like he will be a future breaststroke Olympic champion, eh? I was so, so happy I got to see him do it though :) Saturday afternoons are the BEST!

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kari said...

Finally a smile! So glad your Saturdays are a recharge to long work weeks.