4 months

This is how I feel after my mom tries to take too many cute pictures of me at 4 months old...
This is me before I got upset....don't I look like a supermodel? My mommy hardly has any pictures of me just in diapers... this is only the second one in my whole long 4 month life existence!
Here are my stats....

13.1 pounds (5-10th percentile)
25.5. inches long (75th percentile)

So, just like when I was born, I'm still long and skinny, even though my mommy doesn't think so.
Highlights over the last week or so...
  • I LOVE to talk and see myself in the mirror. I must think I'm pretty cute.
  • I LOVE to "spin"...that is, I haven't quite figured out how to roll over yet (I'm SO close but that darn other arm stops me) but I can spin completely around in a circle in less than an hour.... and most recently, I completely turned around in my bed, head was on the right side and in the morning, when mommy came to get me, I was on the left side of the bed. Mommy had to ask daddy if they had put me the other way last night....silly them! I move and wiggle now!
  • I have had some of my first true laughing fits, which make mommy and daddy just smile
  • I get to start wearing my "polar bear" suit, see previous posts
  • I am finally in size 2 diapers
  • I DO NOT like to just sit on your lap...you have to walk around with me and interact. I get bored easily now :) unless I am super tired, then I will snuggle up on your shoulder for some loves.
  • I still like to read books at night, but I like to watch mommy reading the books more than looking at the books.
  • I love to talk to you....sorry if my language doesn't make sense
  • I love to smile, but it's very hard to capture on camera.... I like the GQ serious pose (see pic above) much more than smiley pictures. Sorry everyone.
  • And I LOVE TO WIGGLE! On my changing table, I really love to wiggle, without my clothes on.
  • I also reach for things, including pulling a chunk of our from my mommy's hair :) Sorry mommy.


jeffandbrianne said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Collin's life.

the HeartTongues said...

he's super cute, but then y'all already know that. :) i've been thinking about ya; hope all is going well with you and yours...