Lovely ladies and O'Berry boys

It's no secret that Collin loves looking at cute girls, or lovely ladies. Some of his favorites in Colorado were his two cousins Grace and Miriam. Grace lost her second front tooth while we were there, right in front of Collin and I...and sang his new favorite song....I have a tiny turtle, his name is Tiny Tim..... The younger Walker girls and Collin....they sure loved playing with him! And he loved looking at them!
Miriam also got to sing to Collin which he LOVED....cameras can't picture the joy on his face when she started singing to him and touching his face.
He seriously LOVED it...then again, what boy (of any age) doesn't love a cute girl singing to him with a face massage? Thanks Miriam!
Collin also got to meet the "other" O'Berry cousin, Corin.... this picture made me laugh so hard. Trying to get both of them to look good, at the same time,for the camera, was too funny. Corin is HILARIOUS!
It was a WONDERFUL first Thanksgiving for Collin and I loved it as well. Thanks everyone for helping us have a great holiday!


jeffandbrianne said...

Love the pictures. Sounds like you guys had a fun time at the in laws.

Tiniel said...

look at him smile with his whole soul... what a beautiful baby boy!

Krista said...

Oh my gosh! Could Collin be any cuter?? Seriously! He is stinkin' cute.