More good deals

I’m not sure anyone cares about this, but I am so happy I’m getting such good deals. I’m totally discovering there is MONEY out there to be made with a little effort and time by watching for coupons and sales and being aware. Just sharing for my own tracking purposes, but if anyone cares to get in the deal, that is good too.

Okay, got another steal of a deal on some cool things at Walgreens….I am still learning this process though, so I did just realize I could have saved even more money, but oh well. I’m getting better and better. Here is the most recent steal…. Actually, PAYMENT to shop.

2 Oil of Olay facial cleansers $7.49 each (used a $5/2 coupon and a $1.00 manufacturers coupon and going to get $15.00 rebate on olay.com) MONEY MAKER $6.00---PLUS I get to try 2 GREAT new products and fancy facial cleansers!
Skippy peanut butter on sale 2/$3 and used .35 coupon
Progresso Soups used $.99 cent coupon in Walgreens ad, plus 50 cents off 2 coupon

So overall, here are my savings….

Original costs of everything before savings and coupons $20.88

Total cost with coupons and rebates $3.35 cents MADE! So, I basically got all this stuff for free and saved over $23.00! WAHOO!


Shanna Barnhisel said...

I really should do better about finding deals. Where do you get all your Walgreens coupons?

AO said...

You can get them through the EasySaver catalog (that's where some IVC are or the rebates), and also in the weekly walgreens ads. I have a ton of blogs on the right side of mine that help me "find" the good deals at this point. that's how I found out about the free pictures and the Oil of Olay deal... they weren't "advertised" per say.... good luck! I NEVER shopped at Walgreens before, now I LOVE them!