Double coupons Kmart

I just wanted to report the savings I got from my first experience at doing double coupons at Kmart this week. I normally never shop at Kmart really, but this week I just had to. I have read about several people that do this in their parts of the country, but they don’t normally do it around these parts, at least the stores I go to, so I was SO excited to try it out….and even though when I got to Kmart, I forgot my coupons, it only took 15 minutes to run back to my house and get them, and it was worth it. Here are some of my deals…. (note, most of this is just a reference for me in price costs as a record, so no need to read). If anyone reading this blog feels like this isn't a great deal, don't tell me and let me live in my joys of couponing :)

Colgate Toothpaste 4oz normally 3.29, $1 off coupon doubled, $1.29
Colgate Toothpaste 4 oz (different kind), normally 3.29, $1.50 doubled, $.29
Glide Floss, normally 3.79, $1.00 coupon doubled, $1.79
Lady Mitchum deodarant 3.99, $.75 coupon doubled, $2.75
Scrubbing shower cleanser, on sale 2 for $7.00, $2.00 coupon doubled, 2 for $3.00
Scrubbing bubbles foam cleanser, normally $3.49, $1.00 coupon doubled, $1.49
Huggies diapers size 2, normally $10.99, $1.00 coupon, $8.99
Pledge dust spray, normally $3.50, $2.00 coupon, FREE
Glade plug in, COUPON FOR FREE
Betty Crocker Sugar cookie mix, on sale 10 for $10 (even though the price said 2 for $3, it rang up as $100), .40 cent coupon doubled, 20 cents!

So…..total cost before coupons, $41.84
After coupons $22.21….Almost 50 percent savings! I feel SO cool! Plus, I was able to get some fun things that I normally never get for VERY cheap, or even free. I wish more stores doubled coupons more often. My only regret was that the Kmart I went to didn’t have a lot of the products I wanted to use coupons on!

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Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I told you...Couponing is a great way to save money!


I need to hook you up with my sister because she knows more hot spots. Albertsons, Smiths and Walgreens are all good stores as well. Deals, deals, deals!