Tummy time and more

It's no secret that Collin DOES NOT enjoy tummy time...probably because his mom is terrible at doing it regularly. So, Sunday night, we had at least 10 minutes...here is what ensued.
Okay, this isn't so bad so far.
Hmmm.... at least I can see my mommy and daddy if I turn my head this way.

I'm getting a little frustrated here!
Taking a break, tummy time is hard.
I am trying to lift my head, it's just so big!
I'm done. That's it. My mommy had to take this picture, because she was laughing so hard...after tummy time, she and daddy decided who needs a "booger sniffer"....I can get them all out by sniffing out hard during tummy time (how embarrassing to post this, but I found it so hilarious, he had at least 4 boogers on his face from tummy time!)
This is Collin in his mini pro-golfer outfit. The yellow shoes from the Gap from Auntie Kari TOTALLY make the outfit.
This past Sunday, I had to go and play a musical number at an assisted living center, so Ryan got to give Collin his bath and get him all ready for church. I came home and saw this perfectly handsome angel, asleep, looking darling. You can't really see, but he has a cute striped shirt on underneath his sweater.
Collin and I usually try and go at least once a week to storytime at the library. Lately, we haven't made it there on time, and today, he was asleep. However, we do have lots of storytime at home and he LOVES reading books...well, having books read to him. I guess mommy and daddy are better at storytime than the library :)


Krista said...

He's so cute! I wasn't very good at doing Tummy Time either. Maybe I'll be better next time.

jeffandbrianne said...

Great pictures and a funny description of tummy time. Love the golf outfit.

jeffandbrianne said...

He really is one cute little booger!

Ervie Family said...

LOL, I loved this. Hailey has been kind of stuffed up the last week or so, so after reading this post I decided to let her have a little tummy time too. Sure enough, it did the trick without having to use the little booger sniffer. She's not a huge fan of tummy time either. Anyway, Collin is such a cutie and the time is sure flying!