Collin's a girl

I'm finally getting to the post of Collin being a girl. So, last week, Collin and I got to go to Idaho to babysit his cousins Sadee and Ava. They were SO excited to have Collin come and babysit. However, in my rush in getting everything ready, apparently, I forgot the breast pump....and Collin's backpack....with everything he needed. Luckily, I had the diaper bag with one set of clothes and my brother was coming to Idaho in a couple of days and stopped by our house to pick it up (BLESS HIM!) but, for one day, Collin was a "cute girl" with hand me down clothes from Sadee and Ava.
Here he is in his purple pjs. Ava sure loves Collin!
Here is my hair do after Sadee and Ava did it. Ava- "How do you want your hair?" Long and straight?
My beautiful long hair and dress (AKA quilt)

Silly Ava
Silly Sadee
These two girls were so fun to babysit! Thanks cuties!

Sadee and her model pose for me

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kari said...

You are the one WE should be thanking. You have been the best Aunt from the start... way back on the night of April 28th. We love you both so much!