Finally Alisa does a tag

I never do these, but both my sister and brother had ones posted so I need to do it. Here goes....

8 things I am passionate about
1. Ryan
2. Collin
3. Reading books
4. Having a nice dinner for my family when my husband gets home
5. Trying to be a good mommy for Collin
6. Traveling (though, not as much lately)
7. Being organized
8. Finding good deals (Hello, DARLING shirt I just got for Collin when he is a year old in the orange color I love him in for 60 cents!)

8 words/phrases I say often
1. Oh Collin!
2. Oh mylanta
3. Hello guy! (when I first see Collin in the mornings)
4. I love you sweetheart (to both my men)
5. Oh my goodness!
6. Good job (to Collin when he does something good)
7. I love being a mommy
8. What are we going to do today, Collin?
Can you tell I'm a first time mommy that hangs around her baby lots? :)

8 things I want to do before I die
1. Go to Africa
2. Have more cute little babies like Collin
3. Visit Jerusalem
4. Say I read my scriptures every day in a row for a year
5. Have more faith
6. Meet someone even slightly famous
7. Be a good mommy
8. Get our raspberry patch to produce more than 6 raspberries

8 things I have learned from my past
1. Never say never
2. There is always someone worse off than you
3. Being a mom truly is the BEST!
4. You never know what direction life will take you
5. Enjoy the journey, even the hard parts
6. Family is key to everything
7. Baby boys are better than baby girls in many ways
8. Even if you think you can be totally independent, you still need help

8 things I currently need/want
1. My husband to find a new job so I can stay at home with little Collin (he is getting laid off on Friday and has yet to find something else yet....even though he is working very hard at it)
2. My aunt Barbara's pumpkin bars---they are of the devil
3. Collin to stay asleep so I can finish this post
4. The front step/tile to our house finished
5. My grandma Tippets to come and visit from heaven, just for a bit
6. Collin to not freak out in the evenings
7. To be able to start running again regularly (once I figure out how to do that better with having massive breasts with breastfeeding---if any of you know how, let me know! I tried a couple of times and decided it wasn't worth it for now)
8. Cruise the 5th....and not lose a camera


kari said...

Oh Lis, that comment about Grandma made me smile. I was too thinking about her today.

I learned some new things about you reading this... how fun!

Tysha & Jacob said...

Good luck with the job thing...I hope it all works out dandy so you can stay home with little Collin, too :)

jeffandbrianne said...

Alisa sounds like you and Collin party a little too much.

Anonymous said...

My mom's pumpkin bars? Of the devil, for sure!!

the HeartTongues said...

I'll pray for you 'bout the job dilemma...it's SO difficult. Been there & done that a few times over. Ugh. ...I'm all for the cruise thing; I'd just like Cruise the 2nd!! :) I got nothin' for ya as far as running while being a nursing mom...!