Spoiled Collin

Quick post here.
Collin has been SO spoiled by coming to Idaho. We came up to babysit his two cousins Sadee and Ava who LOVE him..... and he loves them (see previous posts). It has been so nice, not that I don't LOVE taking care of him, but everyone is so willing to play with him, not let him cry for one second, hold him, change diapers, even attempt to feed him one of his few bottles I give him, and especially his auntie Kari. She has SO spoiled him in rocking and burrito-wrapping him to sleep. Note...his mommy CAN NOT do the burrito wrap very well, no matter how hard she tries (which isn't super hard, to be honest, it's true)....anyways, last night, Collin got burrito wrapped and rocked to sleep by Auntie Kari around 930pm and HONESTLY did not MOVE or wake up until 615 this morning. I kept going in and checking on him every couple of hours because I just couldn't believe it. I KNOW so many babies don't do this, and I take every night he sleeps well, as a WONDERFUL blessing and possibly just luck, but it's so great having family to spoil little Collin. I honestly have no idea what we will do tomorrow night when it is just mommy and daddy.... :) and a not good burrito wrap!
Thanks Auntie Kari! Love, Collin and his mommy


kari said...

This Auntie will rock you every night I am around Oollin. We have had so much fun playing with you and seeing you smile!

Love you lots!

The Girls

Tiniel said...

A- I could NEVER do the burrito wrap with Andrea, and she loved it... Darrec had to do it! My second loved to be free :) I hope you don't mind I read you blog! I just love ya to pieces. Love, TINIEL

Krista said...

Alisa...have you heard of the Swaddle Me blankets? You must get one! Burrito wrap solved! Seriously. I have four and Kambria lived in them. (I would let you borrow them, but unfortunately they are all pink!) You should look into them, though. They are fantastic!

Tysha and Jacob said...

You can't spoil a baby! When something is spoiled, is when it is set out of the way, not paid attention to, and so it eventually spoils, right? I think Collin is the opposite of spoiled! He is just VERY LOVED! How wonderful! :)

PS- I never had to master the burrito wrap as Sawyer never wanted to be swaddled. He liked being free to wiggle.

Ervie Family said...

LOVE those nights when you have to wake up and check on the baby to make sure he/she is still breathing!! So glad that Collin is getting on a better schedule for you. Hailey is almost 4 weeks, so I can definitely appreciate a solid few hours of sleep at night. :)