These are just some random pictures from while we were up in Idaho.
Collin's Auntie Anita gave him this cute overall Winnie the Pooh outfit...a little big and he looks like he is getting swallowed up by the overalls, but I still had to have him wear it.
Hello everyone!
Battle wound #1.... Collin loves to scratch his face. And I'm getting better about clipping his fingernails, but this was his first "battle wound scratch". I just felt so bad for him!
Here is one of the oneises grandma bought Collin since he was out of clothes....isn't he so styling in his gray striped pants? His mommy got to pick out the onesie, can you tell :)
A closeup, not so bad view of battle wound.
Collin LOVES this bouncer...seriously, best investment of baby things so far. He can sit it in it so I can eat breakfast...and lunch...and sometimes dinner. Now he is big enough finally that though he HATES being strapped in, he doesn't kick and scoot down as much.

Just a cute stare
I LOVE this onesie....plus, it's the classic Collin face.... he does think big most of the time!
Even Grandpa Johnson was so nice to play with
Grandpa Johnson and Sadee and Ava sure LOVE Collin! Little Baby Collin is what everyone calls him.
And luckily, in going to Idaho, we also got to be there for Ava's third birthday party.... what a cutie!


Krista said...

Cute photos! Collin is getting big so fast! He is so cute!

kari said...

Very cute sister. Love the one of the cousins with Grandpa Johnson!

Ervie Family said...

Aw, love all of the pics. He's such a cutie and growing so much. What a lucky little guy to have a mom like you!!

jeffandbrianne said...

Great pics, I agree with Kari, the best pic is the one with all three of the little ones and good old granpa!!

Jared and Niki said...

He is so cute! I can't wait to meet him, hopefully we will be out this summer!