Every once in awhile someone comes into your life that truly amazes you....Laura is one of these people. We lived for 5 months in the mission together (3 of those as companions) and we are still friends. We hadn't seen each other for over 3 years, but she was in Utah, and luckily, and blessedly, I was able to see her and her adorable and well behaved 3 little girls, including Emily, the one who is 2 months older than Collin. This girl is amazing, and I am so glad we are still friends.... I tried to find a mission picture to scan in to see if we look better, but alas, can't find the scrapbook.
Emily and Collin....they can date when they get older I told Collin, since Emily is cute!


Tysha and Jacob said...

Awe...so cute! I'm glad she surprised you and stopped by!

An Ordinary Mom said...

She is a pretty amazing person!

And Collin and Eli will have to duke it out to date "Evy", LOL :) !!

John and Laura said...

Sorry I never commented. I just realized I didn't when I was finally posting the pictures of you!

I love you! It was so fun to see you!