This is the Place Heritage Park part one

 We were brave and went to free day at This Is the Place Heritage Park. It was SO fun! We had to get home in time for the boys to go to the father/son campout but they didn't want to leave.
 Riding on the train. That was quite a project getting the stroller down and everyone and all things inside.
 Waiting for our free ice cream. SCORE! Who doesn't want ice cream at 10am?

 I even gave Evelyn a tiny lick. She is going to be a fan I think.
 It had been YEARS since I had been up there and they have really added a lot. Here was the printing press.
 The tiny cabins posed lots of great questions and discussion by the boys. Where did everyone sleep? is this their kitchen too? Made me realize, man, the boys have it pretty good to have a different room they sleep in than the kitchen.

 Mini play area was fun, especially for Liam.

 They had a birds of prey guy there which the boys loved.

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