Collin graduates kindergarten and first Friday night float night of the season

 Collin graduated from kindergarten on May 29th. That's crazy to me. It was more just like a program, but he got to wear his favorite shorts, which is what he was most excited about. Grandma came to the program. They sang some cute songs. The second it was over, he told me, "I'm in first grade now mom".

 It was also a day to go discover the fountains at Valley Fair Mall. It was a bit chilly that day (only in 70s), but we will DEFINITELY come back in the heat of the summer.
 The best part of summer is Friday night floats, (root beer floats on Friday nights during the summer). It may turn into just ice cream night this summer, but still. it was worth celebrating. I'm VERY VERY excited to have absolutely no where to go unless we choose to.

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