This is the Place Heritage Park part 2

 The boys loved this section of the park where you could do pioneer chores. Hanging laundry.
 Vacuuming rugs (beating them with this wire beater thing). Liam loved this.

 Both Collin and Liam LOVED plowing. So much they want to plow every day at home. Maybe we should have been born in pioneer times and we could get more success with chores every day. They spent quite a bit of time plowing.

 Playing the milking bears game to help learn how to milk cows.

 Seeing how yarn is made.

 Then up in one section they had a huge pirate ship and you could pan for gold. Yeah, the boys LOVED this section. We spent a good hour there and could have stayed much longer.
 Evelyn loved the grass. Seriously, my kids were the perfect age for this. We probably only saw a fourth of the park and we were there for three hours. We definitely want to go back!

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