Brag badges

 So this year the boys and I are participating in these granite school district play unplugged brag badges. It's basically a fun way to involve your kids in your community and to disconnect from electronics. Our first brag badge we did we had to make dough and a sculpture and take a picture to show it so you could get the "dough maker" badge. I have been wanting to test this bread recipe from my friend to see if I can't curse it and look at those beauties! Finally a recipe that looks decent!

 Collin's sculpture was a nest I believe.
 Liam's (upside down ha ha) was a sea monster and ship.

 When we went to the Rhodes Roll place they gave us all free orange rolls! SCORE!

 Collin has also learned to swing and pump himself. Goes to show me once again, that kids will want to do things in their own time..... we have been working on this for years, but now he's got it!

Evelyn studies books with intensity!

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