Booksneeze/Thomas Nelson Review Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook

I really enjoy reading cookbooks. Normally I base a review of a cookbook on how many recipes I would like to make or make and they taste awesome. This book is based on two ladies who start a Third Thursday potluck cooking group with people from all walks of life. Having participating in a monthly cooking group at random times through my life, I found this endearing. Each month has a different theme and some musings at the beginning of that month’s recipes.
This being said, some of the recipes are intimidating for a stay-at-home mom cook of small children. However, there are quite a few recipes I would like to try, especially those that involve using items from home-grown gardens. I love the idea of everything is potluck style and fits with different times of the year, since I find myself often cooking based on moods and feelings of different times of the year.

Another thing I love with cookbooks is if each recipe includes a picture. Not every recipe includes a picture with it, which doesn’t totally matter, just helps please the palette of a cookbook. Since I don’t use alcohol, several of the recipes I will probably never make, but overall, the theme and endearment of this cookbook makes it worth taking a look at. 

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