More June 2014 pictures

 Another zoo night, this time we remembered to bring swim suits so it didn't matter if we got soaked.

 Ryan helped the boys build a little hideout in the backyard. It's pretty exciting. I'm not all sure what they do back there, but it is a big deal.

 We made fairy houses one day. I had to include the above picture of Collin because the summer of 5 years old I will forever remember his blue snow boots and the green footie pajamas. They will forever live on. They made these intricate little fairy houses in our front yard. They were cute.

 Here was t he garage and I can't remember all what else. The fence was to keep out bad guys.
One thing I love about the boys is they seriously have an imagination to compete with no one. Seriously. They must have got that from Ryan. I don't think I have one anymore :)

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