July 2014 swimming lessons

 I finally decided to do swimming lessons this year. I had done it 2 summers ago when Collin was just turning 4 and decided we could do it again. A friend recommended this woman who did it out of her backyard, and I am SO glad we did it there. It was perfect for us. They lessons were an hour long and so no going back and forth just for an hour. They had 45 to 50 minutes of swim time and then 10 minutes of play in the water time. And they always got an Otter Pop at the end.
 Collin really came a long ways in swimming. It's hard to commit more than 2 weeks for me, because it was challenging to get them going at 2pm, but he learned how to hold his breath under water better and several of the beginning strokes.
 One of the biggest things is he learned (when we went swimming ourselves later this summer) to jump off the side and into the pool all by himself. Big step for him.
 Liam's little class was just starting, but he got to practice back floating and bobbing and some other fun things.
 The thing I liked best is it helped me kids learn if you get under water and get scared, BLOW BUBBLES and you will come to the top. We are definitely going to try and do this again next summer.

 It was fun just to sit and watch them go swimming. They always did motorboat at the end.

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