July 4th

 Lots of Ryan's family came into town for the 4th of July, so we got to play LOTS with our Sintay and Walker cousins. It was really fun. That morning, we drove up to hike around Silver Lake and go to the parade. My kids LOVE the parade. They just want the candy, but it's nice because it is short, not as hot, and there is still lots of candy.
 It was actually ridiculous how much candy they got and ate in less than an hour, but it was really fun.

 Liam got a huge sucker and once he got that he was NOT taking that thing out of his mouth.
 Liam LOVED Gracie. She was so nice to him. Seriously, I wish she lived closer, she would have been the very, very best babysitter. He really attached himself to her.
 Then we hiked around the lake. Collin made it up the huge hill this time. Liam tried, but I wasn't going to let him attempt it to the top on those totally short legs!

 And hey, the boys liked fireworks this year. It was pretty miraculous actually. Seriously, finally 6 years in the making, Collin only came in once for loudness, and we didn't even have headphones. NICE!

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