Collin plays t-ball

 I finally decided I could do some kind of sport for Collin this year. But, I did NOT want a long commitment or something expensive until I decided if Collin would like it. Taylorsville Rec just had a month long t-ball team that was for the month of July, so perfect for what we needed. Collin was VERY excited to play.
 It was quite funny to watch. Collin's age group went from age 3 to 5, so he was definitely one of the bigger kids, but the games were mostly just to start learning the game.

 Sometimes Collin would get distracted, or need to come in for a drink of water while playing out on the field. By the end of the month, he was a much better hitter. He was definitely the fastest runner on his team.

 There were DEFINITELY some hot games since they were played at 530 or 630. Can you see a tomato in Collin's face? Yep, Tippets blood again.
 He was SO excited to get snacks after each game.
 Liam was a pretty good watcher and he often got a snack too because the mommies were nice and brought extras.
 It was really fun to go and watch and just have a low key introduction to baseball. Good job Collin!

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