Science experiments and the boys get haircuts

 Our last day in Idaho we went to parks to play on and did a "tour" of parks.
 Since we had watched Sadee and Ava at a jumprope clinic, Liam because obsessed about "jumparope". It was too funny to hear him say and he hauled around a jumprope and the the jumprope bag all afternoon.

 Grandpa got Collin a collection of cool science experiments for his birthday. That afternoon we did the first one, make a volcano.

 All the girls and their friends came in. It was quite exciting!
 These next few pictures are from back home. I finally got the boys' haircuts after going all summer without one. These are the funniest pictures of Liam when I said let me take your picture. Yes, he is in his pajamas, but he is the cutest kid ever in these pictures.

 Finally a semi-normal smile :)

 Too bad they are in pajamas. We have semi both smiles and eyes open. Yeah for haircuts!

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