Natural History Museum

 We LOVE the library. For completing the summer reading program, you got a ticket to visit the Utah Museum of Natural History. I had no idea it had been relocated and is MUCH larger and way more cool and nice. So, one day we went up there on one of the free ticket days. Who doesn't love dinosaurs?
 You got to make these cool dino hats right at the entrance.

 Our flash wasn't working well, but the dinosaurs were cool.
 Digging for fossils in the dinosaurs was even more cool. They also had a larger area outside to dig.
 They had a special exhibit upstairs that I would love to go back to sin kids. It was all about natural disasters and how they affect people. Collin and Liam LOVED where you could create your own volcano.

 And of course we have to get eaten by a dinosaur.

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