Boise trip part 1

 After Collin's birthday, we took a quick trip to Boise with Kari's family and the padres. Friday night we went to some massive water park, but I was too busy chasing after kiddos to take pictures. We loved the wave pool. Saturday morning we got up and played at a park for a few minutes before the Discovery Science Museum opened.

 They had a truck table right at the beginning. I think my boys would have stayed here all day long, especially Liam. For quite awhile, there was hardly any kids there. SCORE!

 Moving the robot.

 I do NOT want to leave this table mom!

 This pretend store was a HUGE hit. Collin loved to pretend to be a checker. Seriously, all the kiddos LOVED this place.

 Lying on nails.
 That afternoon the boys and padres and I went to the Birds of Prey museum. We got to see Bald Eagles, enough said.

It was a very fun busy day!

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